Getting the money fast

If you have been playing the game lately you now know that it’s getting really hard to get the money fast and here is why.


They NERFed the game pretty hard in the last few weeks. You will not have to wait between selling cars for 30 minutes meaning that you can sell only one car every 30 minutes, not more. So you won’t be able to sell those cars as often and you won’t get the money as often meaning  that you will actually need to save up money for some things that you will need/want to buy in the game from now on. But that’s not all. Not only that they added a 30 minute timer or cooldown on the selling cars part, they also lowered the prices of some of the most expensive cars as well. You will get less money for some really cool cars which is bad.

How to actually make money then?

Well, you can still make quite a lot of money by visiting the secret locations and finding items there and actually killing people on the street in the game. They will drop money. Some of them will drop more money some less. Often, they will drop weapons which you can use later one. If you decide to do this, don’t use a gun. You will spend a lot of bullets and you will need to buy some ammo after which will cost you money.


You can still sell cars, but now sell only really expensive ones to get as much money as you can. But if you don’t wanna wait, you can actually cheat the system by setting the time on your phone in advance. This will be a struggle as you will need to do this often, but if you really need some extra cash and quick, this will be a way to do this. Set the time in advance 30 minutes and you will manually reset the timer so you can sell more cars then just one at the time. This gives you an opportunity to get as much cash as you can fast.

If you want to watch closely for updates, keep an eye on their official Facebook page for more updates.

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