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In the last few days, all of my friends started talking about these secret item that are hidden on very hard to get locations. We started talking about where could these locations be on the map and we came up with the few spots that were worth checking out. Turns out, we were completely wrong as we didn’t find anything there.

That’s when we actually started reading on the internet and watched some videos on YouTube and some other sites that showed us where were these items. There is quite a few of them hidden on different places and the harder is to get to those places, the better the item was. We didn’t try all the spots, but we tried a few and it was worth it. One cool thing we found was Optimus Prime. If you watched the movie Transformers, you will know what am I talking about. Is the actual truck replica in the game and after you find it, you can unlock it, buy it and drive it around like a normal truck which is really cool since I’m a big fan of transformers. Other than that, we found an F1 plane. That was really cool. Looks great, has lots of weapons onboard and you can hover in the air and shoot anything that you see. This one is a bit harder to find, but it will pay off when you first fly it around and start shooting things.

Anyways, there is a lot more hidden in this game and if you have something cool for us, please post in the comment section below. I’m gonna leave a few videos here where you can watch all the hidden items, how to find them and how much fun they are. Watch the videos and try it yourself.

How to unlock hidden items (watch this first)

F1 – hidden plane

Premium Bike

Aqua Jet

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