How to be the strongest player in the game

Today I am gonna talk about some serious stuff. I will talk about how to actually get really good, how to play like a beast and how to properly destroy your enemies.

Guns, guns and some more guns

This is probably the most important thing and this is why I’m gonna start with this. You will need to have lots of guns. You will see lots of really powerful enemies on your path and you will need some good guns to defeat them. Check my other post about hidden items location to find some really powerful guns that can do lots of cool stuff. You will also need some rocket launchers because enemies will fly in helicopters and drive armored vehicles.



This is also pretty high on the list because you need to get around fast. From time to time, you will need to escape in order to survive and come back later when you are stronger. Getting some good, fast and vehicles with good armor will come in quite handy when finghting powerful enemies. You will often be outnumbered so a good vehicle will do you lots of good.


This may seem a bit sill, but trust me, it is really not. Getting some friends in the game will do you lots of good. You can team up with someone or even with a few people and you will be able to defeat even the stronges of enemies. Together you will have more guns, more vehicles, you can plan ahead and take territories with ease. If there is at least two of you, you will always have a higher chance because you can plan and advise each other and help, share items in the game and in the end, win.

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If you really want to be the “big dog” in the game, you will need to follow these tips. They will really help you out in your goal and you will achieve it a lot faster. I must say that I have found quite a few freinds in this game and I the game is more fun when playing with more people. Not only that it’s more fun, but you will gain a lot of power as well. You and you friends will grow stronger really fast while your eneimes will grow slowely. This will give you a good advantage over them as you will have more money, more guns, more income, more power. I hope you will achieve your goals! Let me know in the comments are these tips good for you! 🙂

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